Beauty Therapy


10min £16 // 20min £22 // 30min £27

PLEASE NOTE: For electrolysis to be succsessful you must not shave or pluck between sessions as this will interfere with the treatment progression/results


Treatment Head Therapist Therapist
Eyebrow Wax £9 £7.50
Eyebrow & Top Lip Wax £16.50 £14.40
Top Lip Wax £9 £7.50
Top Lip & Chin Wax £12 £10.50
Underarm Wax £12 £10.50
Forearm Wax £17 £15
Bikini Wax £13.50 £11
Brazilian wax (strip) n/a £25
Hollywood (all off) n/a £28

*Mens waxing available look under man's space*

Treatment Head Therapist Therapist
1/2 Leg Wax £18 £16
1/2 Leg & Bikini Wax £21 £19
3/4 Leg Wax £22 £19
3/4 Leg Wax & Bikini Wax £25 £22
Full Leg Wax £25 £22
Full Leg & Bikini Wax £28 £25

Spray Tanning

Using Vani-T Organic & Natural Tan

All Vani-T tans mix with your own skin tones so no orange and no unnatural colour, also very light so no patches as tan wears off

Liquid Sun

  • Quick drying
  • Long lasting 
Full Body £20.00

Lasts 5-7 days

Book & pay for 2 tans and receive £5 off (only on liquid sun tan)

**NEW** Vani-T Rapid tan

Only 2 hour development for Medium tan // Only 4 hour development for Dark tan 

  • Perfect for weekends
  • No need to leave on over night
  • Lasts up to 10 days  
Full Body £30

Pre Tan Advice - 

24 hours before tan, Please shave, exfoliate and moisturise

Day of tan

Please shower and leave skin free of moisturiser, deodorant and makeup, also wear loose dark clothing so air can circulate tan, leave tan on for a minimum of 6/8 hours (liquid sun) 2/4 hours (rapid tan), For best tan results leave on overnight and wash off following morning, avoid hot baths and showers and shower gels as not to strip colour too soon 

After tan advice-

After day 3 of tan start to moisturise skin and after day 5 of tan start to lightly exfoliate so as tan can fade evenly 

CND Nail Enhancement

Acrylic Nail Enhancements

With Head Therapist

Full Set Natural Acrylic Nails


Full Set Polished Acrylic Nails


Full Set French Acrylic Nails £36.50
Full Set Glitter/Decorative Nails £39.50
Infills (2-4weeks) From £27
Rebalance every other appointment (pink&white) £29
Overlays On Natural Nails £31

Removal & New Full Set Nails


Acrylic Toe Nails From £32.50

Nail Repairs

Single Nail Repair £4.50
Single polished nail repair £6.50
Buff & Repolish (acrylic) £14

Ear Piercing

Caflon and Studex ear piercing with a choice of studs.

Single Stud £12 // Pair Studs   £20 // Ear Solution £3

Please - NO UNDER 10's. Under 16's must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.


Treatment Therapist
Back Massage £28.00
Neck, Back & Shoulder Massage £32.00
Back, Neck & Scalp Massage £34.00
Full Body Massage £45.00
Please note: Massage not available with Head Therapist

Eye Treatments

Patch tests are required in order to carry out any tinting/lash perms and are to be carried out at least 48 hrs prior to treatment.

Treatment Head Therapist Therapist
Eyebrow shape £9 £7.50
Eyebrow tint £9 £7.50
Eyebrow tint & shape £15 £13.50
Eyelash tint £16 £14
Eyelash tint & eyebrow tint £20 £18

**Special offer** Lash&Brow tint & eyebrow shape

£27 £25
Eyelash tint & perm £30 £27

**Patch Test Required 48 hours prior to treatment**

Hollywood Lash Extensions

Perfect For Weddings, Holidays **NO NEED FOR MASCARA**

Full Set Lash Extensions         From £48
Infills (every 2-4 weeks)        From £27
Add Eyelash Tint/Perm           From £16

Body Treatments

Customized Body Scrub Treatment

Soothe away dulling surface debris while restoring tired skin. Helps smooth skin, relax muscles and soothe senses. Customised to suit you and perfect before holidays or spray tans to ensure longer lasting holiday glow



Using fantasic New System AIRBASE Flawless Finish Foundation

Airbase is a fantastic new system using air to apply foundation, blush and bronze. Lightweight and lasting till you remove it, it's fantastic for covering skin complaints such as vertiligo, rosacea, pigmentation, tattoo's. Airbase is sillicone based which is perfect for all skin types especially oily/combination skin. Used by make-up artist's and celebrities to make them flawless for the new HD revolution.

Quick Natural Day Make-Up 30min £26
Evening Make-Up 45min £36
Make-up base (foudation &blush) 15min £22
Wedding Make-Up


Free 30min consultation on request

False Eyelashes £17 lasting a few days


All Dermalogica Facials include a choice of touch therapies whilst masque is on. 

Choose from the following:

  • Neck And Shoulder Massage
  • Hand And Arm Massage
  • Pressure Point Scalp Massage
  • Foot And Leg Massage

All Dermalogica Facials Include Facemapping, Touch Therapies (not taster facial), And Product Presricption

Treatment Time  
Taster Facial 30mins £33.00
Prescriptive Facial 1 60mins £46.50
Prescriptive Facial 2 90mins £54.50
Age Smart Facial 40+ 75mins £49.50

Hands & Feet

File & Paint

Head Therapist £9

Therapist £7.50

A super quick fix. Nails are cut, filed and painted with your chosen colour. (Available for hands & feet)

Head Therapist -£16

Therapist- £14

Nails are soaked in a hydrating milk bath, cut & filed into shape, cuticles are tidied, hand lotion is then applied using massage strokes, and nails are painted with your chosen colour. (doesnt include shellac)

Add French polish for £3

Head Therapist- £22

Therapist- £20

Feet are soaked in a mineral spa bath, nails are cut & filed, cuticles are tidied, hard skin is buffed away and foot cream is applied, varnish is then applied if required. Please bring open-toed shoes. (dosent include shellac)

Head Therapist- £30

Therapist- £27

Using Creative Solar hand products we offer you a luxury treatment. The hands are soaked in an almond milk bath, Nails filed into shape, cuticles tided, a luxury almond hand scrub is applied to hand and arms, lotion is applied using massage strokes and hands are put in heated mittens to allow moisturiser to penetrate through the skin, varnish is then applied or why not add shellac finish for extra £7

Head Therapist- £34

Therapist- £31

The feet are soaked in a marine mineral spa bath, nails cut & filed, cuticles are tidied, feet are buffed with foot file and then feet &lower legs are exfoliated with a sea salt glow. If needed a callus serum is applied to feet depending on the feet's needs, followed by foot and leg massage and heated booties, Marine mask maybe applied depending on the feet's needs, Polish is applied **please bring open toe sandles or flip flops to prevent smudging,

Or why not add shellac finish for extra £7 100% dry and no need for flip flops

Head Therapist- £10

Therapist- £8

A mini-manicure for mini hands

Instantly dry, No chips, No smudges, No ridges, 14 day wear

FREE removal when you have had shellac with us

£5 Removal if shellac not orignally done with us

Shellac Manicure

Head Therapist £25.50

Therapist £23.50

Shellac Pedicure

Head Therapist - £28

Therapist- £26

Shellac Manicure and Pedicure

Head Therapist- £49.50

Therapist- £44.50

Shellac Rockstar nails add £2

Manicure (lasts 7-10 days) £27

Pedicure (lasts up to 6 weeks) £32.50

Without manicure/pedicure £22

**we don't stock all minx designs but if there is a particular design you would like please state at time of booking and we will try our best to order it in for you**

Brisa Lite Smoothing Gel System

A power partner to shellac and the only 5x strength soakable gel system

Suitable for wear alone or with shellac for extra stength

Perfect for those that want to keep long strong natural nails

**Please note this is a gel coating not for extending length of nails

Brisa Lite manicure with or without polish

Head Therapist £25.00

Therapist £20.00

Brisa Lite manicure with Shellac

Head Therapist £30.00

Therapist £25.00

Brisa Lite Nail repair

£1 per nail