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Styling, colouring services, highlights and perming/straightening

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Hands and feet, eye treatments, facials, waxing and massage

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* Long/thicker hair will have a £6 add on.

Cut and style£29.00 - £50.00
Wet cut£24.50 - £40.00
Styling£24.50 - £40.00
Restyle£39.00 - £60.00
Sebastian treatmentsfrom £8.00
Keratin treatments£45.00
Amino treatments£45.00
Evening outfrom £30.00
Promfrom £30.00
Wedding hair
A consultation with one of our wedding hair specialists will be required.
Vintage hair
A consultation with George our vintage hair specialist will be required.

* A patch test is required 48 hours prior to an appointment.

* Long/thicker hair will have a £6 add on.

Gloss and tint£29.00 - £33.00
Colour bath£31.50 - £36.00
Permanent tint£33.00 - £39.00
Ombre, balayage, colour correction and colour changesP.O.A

* A patch test is required 48 hours prior to an appointment.

* Long/thicker hair will have a £6 add on.

Full head£65.00 - £75.00
Half head£55.00 - £65.00
T-section£45.00 - £55.00
Infill with foilsfrom £55.00

* A consultation with one of our stylists will be required. Prices that are quoted to do not include cut or finish.

* Long/thicker hair will have a £6 add on.

Permfrom £50.00
Wella straight - Cold version£79.00
Ideal for wavy hair
Wella straight - Heat version£89.00
Ideal for thick/coarse/curly hair

* Long/thicker hair will have a £6 add on.

From an instant fringe to a sleek bob or long hair, Racoon hair extensions could be just the answer...

Instant length/added volume/adding colour flashes, or maybe just for a special occasion, with no commitment to a permanent change. Ask your Racoon extension stylist for a free consultation today.

P.O.A consultation required.

File and paint£12.50
Express pedicure£23.00
Spa pedicure£28.00
Spa pedicure with shellac£33.00
Shellac manicure£25.00
Shellac manicure and pedicure£43.00
Express manicure£20.00
Solar manicure£25.00
Luxury scrub with normal polish
Solar manicure£30.00
Luxury scrub with shellac
Polish sparkle (under 10 years old)£8.00
Shellac pedicure£27.00
Acrylics with shellac£35.00
Acrylics with polish£30.00
Acrylic infill with shellac£25.00
Acrylic infill with polish£20.00

Shellac Rockstar nails add £2.

* A patch test is required 48 hours prior to an appointment.

Eyebrow shape£7.50
Eyebrow tint£7.50
Brow shape and tint£15.50
Eyelash tint£14.00
Eyelash and brow tint£18.00
Eyelash extensions - Full set£45.00
Eyelash extensions - Infill£25.00
Full leg£20.00
Half leg and bikini£20.00
Full leg and bikini£27.00
Back massage£28.00
Neck, back and shoulder massage£32.00
Back, neck and scalp massage£34.00
Full body massage£45.00

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